Warranty Policy


Submit a warranty claim if you received product that was damaged, has a manufacturing defect, or experienced an unexpected failure within the warranty period. After your claim has been approved and the product sent back, it will be repaired or replaced.


Request a return if you ordered the wrong part number, ordered the wrong quantity, the part doesn’t fit your application, or your equipment needs replacing instead of the battery. After your return is approved, you send the product back for a refund. Depending on the reason for return there is a 20% restocking fee applied.

Warranty Terms

The warranty period begins from the date of shipment from Battery Store, Inc.

Battery Store, Inc. honors and administers the manufacturers warranty for all products that are sold in the manufacturers configuration, i.e. individual batteries and chargers. The warranty period is typically 12, 24 or 36 months, and products with a longer/shorter warranty period will be specified on the website and/or with the product documentation. If multiple batteries are used in a system, the warranty only covers the defective battery and not the entire system. Proprietary products manufactured and sold as a Battery Store, Inc. item carry a one year warranty against defects in material and workmanship unless explicitly noted within the product description/details on this website or included documentation shipped with the product.

Under the warranty period our obligation will be limited to the repair or replacement of the defective product. Such repair or replacement will be made only after our examination determines that said product is defective in material and/or workmanship. This warranty is void if the product has been repaired or altered in any way as to affect its use and/or operation as determined by Battery Store, Inc. The warranty is also void if the product has been subject to, though not limited to, abuse, misuse, negligence, insufficient charging, over charging, improper storage or physical damage.

The customer is responsible for return shipping of any defective product. All warranty claims are voltage tested upon arrival and thoroughly tested using an analyzer to measure the capacity. Any 12V battery measuring less than 10V (or 6V measuring less than 5V) is considered abused due to lack of charge and is not considered a warranty issue. Battery life is based on the number of discharge/recharge cycles and the depth of discharges, not on age. A worn out battery from repeated cycles is normal wear and tear and not covered in the warranty even if failure has occurred within one year.

Should the battery fail due to a manufacturing defect, we will ship a replacement battery at no additional charge. Battery Store, Inc. will ship the replacement product via ground service on it’s carrier of choice.

Warranty Claim

Review the below options and follow the claim process that best describes your situation.

Damage On Delivery

Inspect the product packaging for in-transit damage prior to accepting the shipment. If there are any clear signs of damage, included but not limited to dents, holes, and/or moisture, then:

1) Photograph the damage.

2) Reject the shipment and have the driver note the damage if possible.

3) Notify us and the shipping carrier service team as soon as possible.

Damage Prior to Install

Examine the product thoroughly for damage before installation. If there are any visible issues or other concern, do not put the product into service, and instead:

1) Photograph the issue.

2) Contact us.

Issues After Install

Once the product has been installed and it has been determined that the host device or appliance is not functioning correctly or has given an error code, then:

1) Contact us to troubleshoot.

Issues After 30 Days

If during normal use of the product you experience an issue or failure and the product falls under the published warranty period, then:

1) If the product is functional, but not working as intended, contact us to troubleshoot.

2) If the product is no longer functioning, request an RMA.