International Orders

Order Process

To submit for an international order with a destination outside of the United States, please fill out the form to the right or contact us directly.

We cannot accept orders placed through the website.

Payment Options

We exclusively accept bank wire transfers and Zelle for international orders, and require payment prior to releasing the shipment.

Freight Options

Our preferred carrier is FEDEX and we will cost out shipping options and fee’s as part of providing you with a quote if we can ship directly to your address.

We can also deliver to your US-based freight forwarder or offer FOB from our distribution centers.

Customs & Duties

Shipping costs we quote do not include duties, tariffs, or related brokerage fee’s are are the responsibility of the recipient.

Lithium Batteries

FEDEX classifies lithium batteries as dangerous good and class 9 hazardous which limits shipping options, and many countries have special restrictions for importation.

We will advise you if any lithium batteries on your order are not permissible by local regulations.

Our distribution centers are trained and licensed to to properly package and label these boxes according to IATA dangerous goods regulations.

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