Automotive Vehicles have demanding jobs and always need to be at the ready, which is why we work with major brand-names to offer a vast selection of high quality, reliable, and powerful batteries. We can support all types of businesses needs, from fleet vehicles to heavy machinery, to ensure you and your customers get the right starter or AUX battery at the right price.



From fleet vehicles to heavy equipment, we keep your transportation and construction moving.


Keep your fleet running in the toughest hot, cold, and wet environments with the EnerSys Odyssey Performance and Extreme Series ‘Pure Lead’ AGM batteries. Providing high energy output and long life, there simply is no better product on the market for reliability and longevity.


We offer a full line of batteries built for adventures with extreme vibration resistance that offer greater reliability in any condition. Take the off-road less traveled, make waves on water, and go wherever nature calls with the confidence in a battery that will power through whatever path you take.


Do we offer batteries for heavy equipment/machinery/construction?


We know your vehicle is your livelihood, from the most driven cars to the toughest work-horse trucks, that’s why we have a selection of batteries that can satisfy power-hungry electronics while still delivering series cranking starter power. Make needing a jumpstart a thing of the past.