As a premier distributor in the solar sector, we offer a comprehensive range of high-quality battery solutions sourced from leading manufacturers. Our distributed batteries are meticulously selected to optimize energy storage and delivery, supporting the seamless integration of renewable energy. Whether for residential, commercial, or industrial solar installations, our focus is on providing efficient and reliable power solutions to meet the unique demands of the solar industry. Explore our solar battery portfolio, exclusively distributed to enhance the sustainability and performance of your solar projects.



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The CSB XTV1272F2-WT battery model has been re-designed with an Internal Moisture Protector or (IMP Guard). The IMP guard located in the XTV1272F2-WT is designed for extreme use in the HUB environments of wind turbines. The XTV1272F2-WT is only battery that has been fully designed for use in the HUB environments. CSB has 10 models available specifically designed for the wind turbine application.


We all want a better tomorrow.  Lead acid batteries continue to be the safest, most recycled consumer product.  We have batteries for both wind and solar applications to facilitate your green energy efforts.


Whether you need to store energy for a completely off-grid system or for a grid-integrated system, we have products that fit your needs from individual batteries to turn-key all-in-one solutions.


We offer batteries and packs for switchgear, substations, power controllers, UPS and more.  We offer products with a wide operating temperature to keep your systems operational in harsh climates.