Aerospace & Defense As technology continues to get smaller and more powerful, the need for lightweight, reliable, and durable replacement batteries and battery packs become even more important. We have experience working with top aviation, government, and military contractors to source, supply, develop, and manufacture the latest custom batteries needed to power a wide range. As both a distributor and battery pack assembly company, we offer access to rugged and durable battery and battery packs designed for military applications. Our integrated solutions, sourced from renowned manufacturers, provide reliable power in challenging environments crucial for military operations.

Aerospace & Defense



Conforming to notoriously strict specifications, meeting challenging requirements, and adhering to government regulations are our specialty. Let us identify some solutions that can meet these demanding expectations.


Our woman owned and ISO 9001 certified company has years of experience with government contracts. We’re experts at reliable supply operations while meeting compliance and documenations requirements to ensure a smooth experience.