Critical Power

As a distinguished distributor and battery pack assembly company, Battery Store, Inc. specialize in supplying and assembling cutting-edge solutions for critical power applications. Our expertise ensures the seamless integration of high-performance battery packs, delivering reliable and uninterrupted power for mission-critical systems.


From home networks to data centers, we help keep communications online, data safe, and the power on.

Data Center

Your business is built on redundancy and uptime, that’s why we work with you to ensure your UPS deployments are prepared to keep your infrastructure online while meeting your strict specification and budgetary requirements.

Utility & Telecom

Challenges to infrastructure can arise at any time, so with our in-house expert manufacturing, we can produce top quality OEM replacement batteries for even the most demanding infrastructures and deployments to keep things running smoothly.


Batteries in industrial applications are subject to more stress, often in high vibration and high temperature environments, so we work with you to deliver batteries for everything from generators to starters to keep your facilities and equipment going.

Residential & Commercial

From uninterruptible power supply to door lock batteries, we have a range of replacements to ensure power is ready when you need it most to keep emergency lighting on, and key systems working, and your data from being lost.

Service Options

We not only specializes in battery distribution and manufacturing, but also offer full turnkey on-site professional services to take care of all your battery needs. We value transparency, so we provide pricing for each segement of a project so you can make an informed decision.

Full Service

On-site diagnosis

Replacement delivery

Professional installation

Deployment testing