Liberty 1000 Lead Calcium AGM
Liberty 1000 Lead Calcium AGM

Liberty 1000 Lead Calcium AGM

Liberty 1000 Lead-Calcium batteries offer long battery life with minimal maintenance due to C&D’s patented processes. C&D Technologies manufactures these valve regulated lead-calcium AGM batteries for standby applications that fit virtually anywhere while providing superior performance in the most demanding applications.

Product Features

  • The Liberty 1000 Lead-Calcium Battery offers advanced, computer-controlled thermal cover-to-jar weld for greater reliability and consistency
  • Automated, state-of-the-art, cast-on strap process that ensures consistent, high-quality, low electrical-resistance welds
  • Through-the-partition intercell connection shortens current paths and increases performance
  • Copper-to-copper connections minimize resistance, especially at high rates, and shorten maintenance time by reducing the need for retorquing connections
  • Patented and time-tested C&D post seal design with secondary epoxy seal to increase integrity for leak-free operation and superior reliability
  • Two-fold vent system, comprised of a low-pressure safety valve with flash arrester, minimizes bulging and prevents flashback explosion from external ignition source
  • Thick radial grid design improves current carrying capacity and performance resulting in long float life
  • Fully automated vacuum and filling operation results in uniform acid volume distribution and consistent float voltage
  • Non-spillable designation for lower shipping cost
  • High-impact resistant PVC container and cover provide excellent water vapor retention, preventing dry out and oxygen infiltration
  • Tested in accordance with Bellcore TR-NWT-000766 specifications
  • 100 percent of cells tested for conductance, voltage, and capacity
  • 100 percent of cells tested to 95 percent capacity at the 8-hour rate to 1.75 VPC
Liberty 1000 Lead Calcium AGM
Liberty 1000 Lead Calcium AGM

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