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Ni-MH Cells


  • High energy density (W/kg), about 50% better than Nicads, but only about 60% of Lithium ion
  • Low internal impedance
  • Typical cycle life is 3000 cycles
  • Can be deep cycled. (80% to 100% DOD)
  • Robust - NiMH batteries also tolerate over charge and over discharge conditions and this simplifies the battery management requirements
  • Flat discharge characteristic (but falls off rapidly at the end of the cycle)
  • Wide operating temperature range
  • Environmentally friendly (No Cadmium, Mercury or Lead)



  • High self-discharge rate
  • Suffers from memory effect though not as pronounced as with NiCad batteries
  • Battery deteriorates during long time storage. This problem can be solved by charging and discharging the battery several times before reuse. This reconditioning also serves to overcome the problems of the "memory" effect
  • Cells must incorporate safety vents to protect the cell in case of gas generation
  • Cell voltage is only 1.2 Volts which means that many cells are required to make up high voltage batteries