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Best Way to Charge Batteries in the Summer / Winter


Winter rolls around. You go to start your car or truck and nothing happens; maybe the lights flicker a little. You know exactly what is wrong. Your battery failed. Winter has claimed another victim. Now you have to replace or, if you are lucky, you can repair your battery. What if I told you winter might not be to blame? Quite often, summer weather is the culprit causing your winter blues.

Summertime may be full of lovely weather, boat trips, ATV rides, and taking the RV out; however, the high summer temperatures can be hard on your battery. Summer’s heat increases the rate in which sulfation forms, which takes a toll on your battery. Sulfate naturally forms on your battery as it is used. This sulfate will turn into crystals through a process called sulfation. When winter comes around, your battery goes to pull a little bit more juice but can’t because of this buildup. Prevent sulfation buildup by recharging your battery with one of the many Ctek battery chargers we stock here at BatteryStore.com. Ctek battery chargers restore the sulfate your battery loses with heat and usage. For better performance, try and keep your battery as cool as possible to help lower the rate of sulfation and keep it plugged in to a Ctek battery charger.

If summer heat is unavoidable, you can improve your battery life by making sure you are using an AGM battery. AGM stands for absorbent glass matt. These batteries will require less maintenance and can hold up better against a hot summer or frigid winter. Some good examples of AGM batteries are the Odyssey PC1500 marine battery or the Odyssey PC680 motorcycle battery. Batterystore.com is proud to carry only the best brands you need to help keep you charged and running all year long.

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